Welcome to RETROKID... more retro-fied this time..?

Welcome to my little site! I see that you have found retrokid among all of the websites on the internet... I'm Neon, the web master, lover of all things retro! This is a personal site reminiscent of the old web. I'm a beginner at coding, so forgive me if things might look at little wacky.

Browse to your heart's content! Each page may differ from the last, as I do like coding each page in a different way, so some might be a bit more pixel-y and cute, others will be similar to those from the Geocities era.

This site will always be a work in progress! Do note that some of the navigation buttons are dead, I still haven't made the pages for those. If you want to contact me regarding anything such as graphics removal or you just wanna talk, you can find me on Twitter, I'm always active there!

What's up with Neon?

Currently: The current mood of retrokid at www.imood.com

On Repeat: Mr. Sandman - The Four Aces

Watching: Star Trek: TOS


(11/11/21) Created the Shrines page!
(10/30/21) Home & Music page updates.
(10/04/21) Revamped the Home page!
(09/19/21) Created the Diary page!
(09/18/21) Created the Home page! Updated About page.
(09/17/21) Changed username & added new site buttons!
(07/31/21) Revamped the About page.
(07/26/21) Created the test version of the Home page & the About page!
(06/25/21) Site was created.